Fangirls Play: The Sims 4

the-sims-41So, I’ve been meaning to talk about the newest Sims game for some time. I bought it right when it came out so that I could talk about it when it’s release was a bit more relevant. However, I had to collect my thoughts and let some dust settle in my brain. This game was frankly a huge disappointment. However, it does have it’s moments.

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Appdicted: Untappd

image1 (6)Mothers can teach us so much, Fangirls. And now in this great age of moms on the internet, there is no stopping them. My mother was eager to show me her latest app obsession, and once downloaded, I could see why. If you often appreciate a lot of fantastic, unique, craft beers, this is the only app you’ll need to have on hand.

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Nerds Gotta Eat at A & B Burger


Fangirls! This past week, I took a little vacation to a semi-familiar place. I had been out to to the north shore area of Boston numerous times, and into the city of Salem on a handful of trips. Somehow, though, I had over looked a building that looked me right the face every time I drove into town. I had no idea that the building used to be a jail, and I had no idea that delicious food awaited me inside.

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HRC Buyer’s Guide


Fangirls! This Sunday, instead of telling you all about a certain place or business, I’ve decided to tell you about a resource I use to choose the places I go to. The Human Rights Campaign has designed a way to give bigger businesses & corporations a report card on how they’re treating their LGBT employees. With a few clicks, you can learn if you’re supporting businesses that might not be supporting you.

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Movie: Godzilla


Greetings, Fangirls! This past weekend, Emily & I went to see Godzilla. I didn’t really have any expectations set for the movie, and I didn’t have anything to compare it to. I went in with my mind a total blank slate, just looking to watch a movie. And it didn’t go that much farther.

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Disney Infinity


So yes, Fangirls, Disney Infinity came out a while ago. That doesn’t mean it isn’t worth still talking about, though. We here at Fangirls Are We having been loving this game since its first days, and still find ourselves playing the game for hours. We figured that with Disney’s announcement of the Fall 2014 release of the second edition of the game, it’s time to talk about our feelings for this unique game.

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