Teen Titans GO! To The Movies

I know that Teen Titans GO! is a pretty divisive subject, but I’m someone who loves it. I have no beef with the cartoon from when I was younger, but this dumb, fun show is directly up my alley. So when they came to the big screen this summer, you can bet your butt I got tickets!

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Teen Titans Go!: Revisited


A fan of Part 1 of my Teen Titans Go! article gave me some killer advice, to remain objective in what’s clearly an opinion piece. It was also stated that I should consider the intended audience even though I had stated “The new creators have also wiped out any back story to the characters or made them silly enough for the new, younger demographic to enjoy them.”  I assumed that was enough to signify that it was a show intended for children, but lucky I have such hardcore fans to point out my mistakes so eloquently.

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Injustice: Gods Among Us

So, as I’m sure you know, Injustice: Gods Among Us, came out just the other day. I was lucky enough for my school to have a tournament, and since I’m a part of the hosting club, I got to play beforehand.

Now Fangirls, I’m not much of a versus player. I really like story mode in most games, more than just fighting, at least at first. So a couple hours before the tournament started, I plopped down and started to play.
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