The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

I apparently can’t choose short books anymore. Everything I’ve picked up lately has either been a book over 700 pages or part of a large series, or truly both. But I love it. The detail and immersion you can get with those types of books or series is truly incredible. My latest read is the first of an unfinished trilogy, and it was a fun read.

name of the wind

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September Unplugged Box

I preordered this box in August, when they announced this new box. The idea behind it is to give readers things to do off of their phone; make reading more of an experience. I really love this idea, and was therefore incredibly excited about a box with items to help me relax while I read. So, let’s jump right in!

The theme for the Autumnal Equinox Box was Keep Your Head Above Water. It featured some really interesting items, along with an Unplugged Playlist, smoothie recipe, and gratitude journal.

One of my instant favorites was this candle titled Inej’s Fleet. That’s a big reference to our number one spider, Inej from the Six of Crows duology. This candle smells like smoke and sea water, probably just like Ketterdam! The candle is made by Get Fictional.

Next was a packet of loose leaf iced tea. This is in the flavor We All Float Down Here (an IT reference). I don’t tend to be as in love with tea as I think I am, but I will be trying this out. You brew it just like normal tea, but refrigerate it, and serve with ice. It’s made by WHO.

Next up is this little mermaid bath candy. This is a fizzy disc, that the creators recommend you use for a full soak or crumble pieces into a foot soak. It’s themed after Goblet of Fire, because the mermaids are underwater, and we’re trying to keep our heads above. It’s made by WHO and I’m really excited to use it!

Last, but certainly not least, was this month’s book. Sadie, by Courtney Summers is about a girl in a small town who’s sister is murdered, and trying to find the killer. A murder mystery set in a small town is so spot on for what I like, that I need to read this. I’m glad I stopped buying books for awhile, else I’d be drowning under the books I still haven’t read!

This book also came with a map of Sadie’s town and a special envelope for when you finish the book. It came with a signed sticker, but I dropped mine and it looks terrible where it is. I just can’t be trusted with stickers!

I really enjoyed this box! I think the idea of spending a Saturday reading this book while drinking tea and soaking in a tub sounds absolutely dreamy. Since I don’t think I can power through all of those things at once, I’ll be relishing in them individually! If you’re looking to grab an Unplugged box, I have good and bad news. Bad news is, they’ve already sold out for October, but the good news is that you can start your subscription in November. Head over to their site for more information, and get ready to Unplug!













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August Once Upon a Book Club: Notes From my Captivity by Kathy Parks

This is going to be an entirely different type of review, because Once Upon A Book Club is an entirely different type of subscription service. There are spoilers for the box, and some spoilers from the book past the read more tab, so enter with caution!

Once Upon a Book Club is a phenomenal subscription box, where recipients aren’t supposed to open all of their gifts right away. Instead, each piece has a page number, and the corresponding page has an “open your gift now” sticky note on it. This is for the most phenomenal reason; so you can experience the book in an entirely new way. 

For example, Notes From My Caltivity is a book about a seventeen year old girl who wants to be a journalist. While making a trek through Siberia to find an urban legend of a family, the crew dies, and Adrienne is left on her own. That is, until the family finds her. While trying to communicate with the youngest in the family, our girl Adrienne’s necklace comes into discussion. And it’s time to open our first gift! It’s the necklace described, down to an impressive detail. The necklace has an A pressed into it in the book, but we got necklaces with an A sticker (because not everyone’s name starts with A). 

This continues through the book, and we get a bowl, two pieces of art, and a newspaper clipping. I couldn’t put down the book because it was incredibly captivating, but I was also excited to see my next gift. The concept alone blows my mind, but the execution was all but flawless. I felt some things were a bit off (I’ve never gotten a bowl in a subscription box, and the newspaper clipping seemed like a bit of a cop out), but the novelty of it all made it worthwhile. 

I’m still so darn blown away by this. I loved the book (and think it’s worthwhile even if you don’t get all the gifts), and the box made for an even more exciting read. Check out Once Upon a Book Club here, and grab Notes from my Captivity anywhere books are sold.