Music: Warpaint


This past summer I started a new band, Fangirls. It’s different from anything I’ve ever played, I started it to challenge myself, but more importantly, to just have fun. It has opened me up to a lot of new influences musically, as well. Not long after forming the band, I discovered an incredible band called Warpaint. They’re inspiring not only in their sound, but also in that there a band of talented women, respected just as much as their rocking male counterparts in the industry.

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Let’s Talk About: Sex Criminals #9


Fangirls, I will never, ever, wrap my brain around how great this series is. I have my other great loves, but this is surely the best comic out there right now. There’s no other book that I get as excited for when I see it getting pulled out of my subscription box. I nearly pee myself. It grabs me in like no other series, and this issue surely has me in a loving headlock.

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Music: “Lost In The Light” by Bahamas

Fangirls, Bahamas is a incredibly great artist. The albums are brilliant, song after song of goodness. Maybe one day, I’ll give you an entire article discussing all of the loveliness, but for now, I can’t seem to talk about anything more than this one song. At the moment, it doesn’t even apply to me lyrically. Regardless, I feel it in my heart of hearts. It hurts my soul so good. Everyone needs a masterpiece relationship ending song, and you need not look anything further.

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Watch: Thread Banger

New YouTube Branding ThreadBanger

Fangirls! This week I bring you another lovely discovery from the world of YouTube. This channel is something I’ve enjoyed watching a great deal over the last few weeks, and not my usual type of subscription. Tread Banger is a totally badass and incredibly useful channel dedicated to Do It Yourself projects. They’re tutorials are witty, hilarious, but also fantastically helpful & inspirational.

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Ms. Marvel #7

4040903-07It is safe to say that this is my absolute favorite comic out there right now, Fangirls. Hands down. Anyone who isn’t reading this right now is seriously, seriously missing out. It’s hilarious and inspiring, and the development of Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel) is just so well done. She’s such a brilliantly real character. I’ve found myself rereading this series just about every month, before a new issue comes out. But I was so darn excited to see what happens with her & Wolverine, I went right in for the issue #7 goods.

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