Playlist: Summer 2015

summer2015It has been nearly a year since I shared one of my current favorites playlists, Fangirls. It’s about time that changed. This summer has brought me buckets of fantastic tunes that have been playing nonstop in my car & around the house. So, I’ve reflected upon the last few months of music and what I’ve been enjoying the most, and put together a dozen of the highlights. Read More »

Music: The Deslondes

534325_1414846662067208_1098466170_nKeeping up with the theme of Leon Bridges, I decided to give y’all another fantastic band making some seriously delicious vintage music. The music of the Deslondes mashes together the sounds of more than one classic genre, making there own bluegrassy, bluesy, some sometimes surfy, alternative country sound that I’ve fallen hard for. Read More »

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Long before Darren Criss was making all the Fangirls crazy on stage as Hedwig, John Cameron Michael adapted (from the original stage musical), directed, and starred in Hedwig and the Angry Inch, the movie. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack of this for several years because I fell in love with “Origin of Love” at a concert a long time ago. A couple weeks ago, Ashley and I finally sat down and watched the movie. Though it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, I still wasn’t disappointed.


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Music: “No Way Out” // Warpaint

packshotIt’s hard to believe I’ve waited over a month to talk about this song. I suppose I was waiting for the dust to settle in my brain, because this is one of the best songs I’ve ever heard. I know to expect out of this world music from Warpaint, but how damn good this song is really blindsided me. After listening to it just about every day for the last month, I think I’m ready to express my thoughts on “No Way Out.”

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Playlist: Gal Power II

GalPowerDue to the fact that I crave the healing sound of women rocking the heck out, I couldn’t resist making another Gal Power playlist. Since then, I’ve of course discovered plenty of bands held together by pure rock & the unbreakable female bond, as well as other women who slay the scene solo. When I know of this many women who are simply incredible at what they do, I have to mash it all together for an ultimate jam.

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Music: Honeyblood

HoneybloodWelcome to my newest chick-punk obsession, Fangirls. I heard a snippet of one of Honeyblood’s songs in the background of a talk radio show, and spent the day trying to figure out what it was. Eventually, after calling the radio station and telling them the exact moment I heard this beautiful noise, they were able to point my towards Honeyblood. Best phone call I’ve ever made.

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