Skeletor’s Guide to Self Care by Skeletor

I was originally going to drop this into the comic review slot, but this is more of a zine than anything else, and since I’m on a roll with Last Man comics, I figured we could pop this in here. And as wild as that title sounds, it’s exactly what it says; a book about self care, written by Skeletor.

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The Walking Dead: “Spend”

the-walking-dead-spend-father-gabrielFather Gabriel, goes through some existential crisis in this episode and kind of betrays the group big time when he approaches Deanna later in the episode and tells her that the group is evil. But, Maggie overheard him so, the betrayal will not be a surprise. It was comforting to see Deanna kind of look at Gabriel like he had lost it and basically shoo him out the door.Read More »

We Can Fix It! by Jess Fink

I’ve mentioned a couple times that the amazing comic shop I go to, Earthworld, hosts a Fangirls Night Out once every couple of months.  January 9th was the most recent one, and Jess Fink was there, to share her wares and tales of Fangirling.  I bought a couple things from her that night, the 2014 edition of Smut Peddler and her time travel memoir, We Can Fix It!  Both are phenomenal, but I’d like to concentrate on We Can Fix It! right now.


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A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning

Fangirls, I am a huge fan of serial works of fiction that focus on orphans.  I love Harry Potter, Star Wars, Batman, and Disney movies.  But something I love and rarely get to Fangirl over, is Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events.  Recently, it was announced that there will be a Netflix series focusing on the Baudelaire orphans, so I realized that I need to reread the series, and you should too.


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Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 is a phenomenal movie that came out this past Friday.  It is the first full length animated Disney / Pixar / Marvel team up, and it’s based off of a comic.


From what I’ve heard, the comic isn’t all that great (racist and not very female friendly), but the movie is just lovely.  Be wary, ahead there are some spoilers.

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