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Fangirl Fashions: The Lantern Girl Shop

Fangirls, I love pins. They’re the least expensive way to express yourself on a daily basis. You don’t have to worry about buying exclusively fandom based clothing, or the impact wearing aforementioned fandom based clothing at your job. Pins are … Continue reading

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Sailor Moon

Fangirls, I have finally begun watching the magical girl anime, Sailor Moon! I’ve been told for ages by several people that I would really enjoy it, and now that we have hulu, I can watch it without having to pay … Continue reading

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Anime Tuesday! Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon!

Hello Fangirls! This is Comic Shop Girl writing to you today about none other than the greatest female hero to come out of Japan! Sailor Moon! I love Sailor Moon it’s one of the first Anime’s I’ve ever seen and … Continue reading

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