Cutie Corps Interview

Oh my goodness, Fangirls. Cutie Corps is the phenomenal creation of Nic ter Horst and Genevieve FT. These incredible artists got together to put out some great, body inclusive pin up art, and recently, we were lucky enough for them to Kickstart some gorgeous figures! I got to ask these two ladies some questions, and below are their answers.


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Interview with Anna Capunay & Yunuen Pardo of Cowl Girl

Hey Fangirls! Recently, I found out about an IndieGoGo for a rad tv show called Cowl Girl.  Its kind of based on the life of a Fangirl, from Latin America.  Cowl Girl was written by Anna Capunay and is played by Yunuen Pardo.  Cowl Girl has a problem with leaving the house, but she desperately wants to go to San Diego Comic Con (don’t we all?) to get her Pee Wee Herman action figure signed.  I was lucky enough to interview not only the writer, but the lovely woman who plays Cowl Girl.



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Whovian Wednesdays: Saying Goodbye to Matt Smith.

DOCTOR WHO *embargoed 19th March*Hello Fangirls! Welcome to another installment of Whovian Wednesdays! I won’t even bother to say spoilers ahead, because I don’t know that there is a fan out there that hasn’t heard yet. Matt Smith, our beloved 11th Doctor, has reached his end and will be regenerating in this year’s Christmas Special. It’s bittersweet to say the least. I am excited and very anxious to see who he will be regenerating into, yet extremely sad to see him go.

Now then! this post is bigger on the inside, so here goes! GERONIMOOO!

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