Up You Gets Emotibomb by Lush

As we know, I have an addiction to Lush cosmetics. I love to have bright baths, stunning soaps, and live in the natural scents that Lush creates. But before now, I had never tried any of their emotibombs. I had one that I ordered before the Kitchen was changed, and I had been sitting on it for awhile, but I’ve realized that things need to be used, not just looked at. So I popped it in the shower the other day, and tried it out.

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Lava Lamp Bath Bomb by Lush

Oh man, I’m back at the Lush stuff. I’ve honestly been struggling not to purchase things from Lush because I have such a ridiculous amount of beauty products, but I grabbed this as part of my post 5k reward a month or so ago. It was the only thing I picked up that day, and I’m quite proud of that, because there is a Lush far closer to where I will be living in Maryland, and I’m looking forward to frequenting it once I’ve made it through the products I have now.


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Cup O’ Coffee Face & Body Mask by Lush

Mmmmm, coffee. The strongest, most intense way to snap yourself out of sleep mode, right? Well, about 6 months ago I gave up drinking coffee, because more than waking me up, it just elevated my heart rate. That made me stress out more easily, sweat a crazy amount, and I would even get the shakes from time to time. It was a lot. So I’ve been coffee free, until now. I bought Lush’s Cup O’ Coffee mask for face and body last month because while I don’t drink coffee anymore, I still really enjoy the smell. So I saw it at my local Lush, and grabbed it for (almost) just the scent alone.


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