(Dis)Nerds Gotta Eat: Merida’s Vegetarian Haggis

“It’s Just a wee sheep stomach!” Nope, not anymore. Hey Fangirls, this week we’ve got something that I’ve been excited to try since I first saw Brave; a vegetarian dish inspired by Haggis. Haggis is typically a dish made in sheep stomach, but for gals like me, that’s even more unappealing than to your average human. Being vegetarian means finding protein in places other than meat, but I know very few people who don’t experiment with food to find new ways to get their main courses other than frozen fake meat burgers. So I found a recipe online for Vegetarian Haggis, and went for it!


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Music Review: CHVRCHES


Fangirls, I had given this band a short listen on multiple occasions. I think that each time I just wasn’t in the right mood for it. The first time, I wasn’t about it all. The second, I recognized that they weren’t bad, but didn’t really continue to listen to them. The third, they hit the nail on right the head for me. I’m not sure what had changed, sometimes I just need a healthy dose of lovely synthpop. CHVRCHES┬áis just what we need to get that perfect hit of electronica.

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