Sense8 Season 2

The second season of the Netflix series Sense8 was released on May 5th. Even though I didn’t get to binge watch it, I did finish it at 1am Monday night. I reviewed season 1 and the holiday special here and here. I liked season 1 and I loved the holiday special. But season 2 is the best the show has ever been.

sense8 2

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Villain Chat: Litchfield Prison

I thought that with this past week bringing the return of Orange Is The New Black to our lives, it would be a lovely time to switch around Villain Chat a bit. Rather than focusing on a person or people, OITNB gives us a great opportunity to shine the bad guy light on a place: Litchfield Prison. Litchfield is the prison in which OITNB takes place, and it gives me many, many reasons for my head to burst into flames in anger & frustration. Though this place is fictional, I think it gives a healthy dose of reality when it comes to the prison system of the United States.

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