Angels and Cybermen and Daleks, Oh My!

Doctor_who_villains_-_Kelly_YatesSo, I was thinking as I was getting out of the shower today about all the different Doctor Who villains there are, and I wanted to take some time to consider which ones are the most frightening. For me, I think it is the psychological fear of the Weeping Angels or the Silence.

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“Raggedy Man, Goodnight.”

KoBFIO3So, it’s 2014 and I am still sad about this episode. I have been sad since¬†last year. Any Whovian can tell you that a regeneration is a double edged sword of excitement for a new Doctor but also a crushing sadness at the thought of losing the face we have come to know and love. Everything he is dies and some new man goes sauntering off across the universe on some new adventure.¬†Read More »