Dream Silk Comfort Cream

Fangirls, I’m a pretty sleepy lady. I don’t ever feel like I’m getting enough sleep, and a big part of that is that I have a lot of trouble actually falling asleep (and staying asleep). I know that there are reasons behind that; my mattress is old and lumpy, I don’t exercise enough, and I have depression, so no sleep ever feels like enough. Due to all of that, I’m always looking for nonmedicinal sleep aids that can help me. My mum knows this, so awhile back she bought me the Dream Silk Comfort Cream.


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Appdicted: Up Coffee

image_5 (2)

Fangirls! It’s not as often that you find an app that really meets your needs. I’ve been graced with an app that seriously helps me out, and is also profoundly interesting. I am a serious coffee drinker. It’s most definitely is an addicted, one that I adore very much. Caffeine is a big part of my life, and I’ve discovered an app that helps me track my intake through out the day, and how it’s affecting my body.

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Appdicted: Sleep Cycle

Fangirls, sometimes sleep isn’t the easiest thing for me, thus waking up isn’t always the easiest thing for me. So a while ago, in attempts to help me sleep better and wake up with less fuss, I went on a search to see if there was a good app that might be able to aid me. I went through a few “white noise” type of apps thinking they would put me into a better sleep, but I eventually realized that maybe I should focus less on the falling asleep part, and more on the waking up part. That’s where Sleep Cycle enters the story.


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