Cleopatra In Space Book Two: The Thief and The Sword

Mike Maihack has done it again, fangirls. The first Cleopatra book introduced us to this lovely lady who was thrown forward in time to become the savior of the galaxy. We read as she recovered an ancient artifact, made friends, and even started future space school. But this one gets a fair bit scarier, and it looks like book three is about to lay some serious business in us. But first, The Thief and The Sword. 


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Zita the Spacegirl by Ben Hatke

I think it’s pretty obvious that I really love girls reading comics. I find it so exciting when another female likes to read comics, because I love that instant camaraderie, having something that means so much to me in common with another lady. It’s phenomenal! At my neighbor’s Fourth of July party last week, one of their children pulled me inside and we had a nice conversation about comics (or Graphic Novels, which she prefers). I am not a big fan of parties, so this was a welcome distraction for all the reasons. She told me to wait a moment, and brought 3 books down; all graphic novels about Zita the Space Girl.


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Covergirl’s Star Wars Lipstick Collection

Fangirls, I’m sure you’re as excited as I am for The Force Awakens; it looks like it’s going to be beyond amazing. I am extremely ready for it. And you know what gets me even more excited for it? A make-up crossover! Covergirl released a full line of Star Wars: The Force Awakens cosmetics, and as rad as all of it looks, I only went for the lipstick, because that’s what floats my boat the most (since I already have go-tos for eyeliner and mascara). So on a trip to Walmart with one of my friends, I saw and grabbed all six!


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The Martian by Andy Weir

One night a while back, I was trying to watch a video when an ad came on. We all know how annoying ads can be, and I was so happy when I saw a skip button. But then, the skip button went ignored. This ad, while being just over three minutes long, was a trailer for a movie I’d never heard of called The Martian. Like I said, I had that skip button, but within the first five seconds of the trailer, the time until that button works, I was sucked into the trailer. At the end, I discovered the movie was based on a book and I decided I had to read it.

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