Captain Marvel Issue 12

Fangirls, this issue has me worried.  Captain Marvel gets dropped back off at her ship by Lila, only to find her ship empty and off.  She uses her power to restart it, but can only see that Tic and Chewie have been kidnapped by the Haffensye.  Once her ship starts up again, she realizes that the Haffensye didn’t destroy it, because they wanted to kill her in the process; it was a trap.


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Batwoman #35

Batwoman-35I’m not sure where we are, Fangirls. I don’t know what is going on. I don’t know what DC has done with my Batwoman. It’s issue #35, we’re in space, and I can’t follow anything. I’m trying to mourn the impending end of this series, and they’re not giving me much to hang on to.

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Cyclops #8

STK657875Well, Fangirls, it has been a while since we’ve checked up on our teenage eye laser friend. When we last saw him, things weren’t going the best. He had been adopted into the crew of his rival ship, where his father is now being kept prisoner. He’s now being left to figure out how to not be a suspicious member of the crew, and how to rescue his father & himself. Of course, that’s not easy. Especially when you might not exactly want to.

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