Speak the graphic novel by Laurie Halse Anderson and Emily Carroll

I read Speak as a high school freshman. It’s a painful and powerful story, that has stuck with me for over ten years. Anderson is amazing, and while Speak can be difficult to read, it’s necessary. When I saw the graphic novel on the shelf at Barnes and Noble, I knew that it had to come home with me. 

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Let’s Talk About: Sexual Communicaton

Earlier this week, Fangirls, I realized that I often talk about and stress the importance of communication with sex & sexuality. However, I’ve never really gone much into the details of that. It certainly deserves its own article and then some. Expressing your desires & thoughts about sex is important stuff, dudes. If you don’t, it’d be a bit silly to expect super awesome amazing sex from someone. It’s a great thing to be vocal in bed, in many more ways than one.

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