Steven Universe: Soundtrack Attack

I’ve only played this app a couple times, but when I play it, I can’t seem to make myself stop. It’s a blast to play, and is Steven Universe, so it’s fantastic!

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Keep Beach City Weird (You Can’t Hide the Truth) by Ronaldo Fryman with assistance from Matt Burnett & Ben Levin

I bought this book for myself because it looked like a great Steven Universe addition. I have a huge love of Steven; it’s a show that promotes diversity and love and I can not get enough of it. Incidentally, my boyfriend also loves SU, and thought this book would be fun as well, so now we have 2 copies of it. Nice.

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Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems Volume 1

I haven’t been reading a ton of comics, as of late. I’ve made it through almost the entirety of Rob’s and my collections (at least the parts that interest me) and we hadn’t been to a comic shop in ages. Until this past weekend, when we finally had some time to go grab some trades for me. I was hoping to get a pretty good smattering of types of comics, especially the next trade in the Steven Universe comic I had been reading. Instead, I found that there is a different SU comic that seems to have a more focused storyline than the previous one, and that got me so excited.

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DIY Wrapping Paper

Fangirls, my boyfriend’s and my first anniversary is coming up in less than a month, and since we’re going to the places that Steven Universe is based off of, I thought it would be best to have presents that were themed accordingly. I also wanted wrapping paper and a card within the theme too, and I decided this too late to order some wrapping paper to bring it before my trip down this past weekend, so I had to make it myself.


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Nerds Gotta Eat: Jam Buds Jam

So, the other day I had a bit of an issue. My phone turned off and refused to turn back on. I had the unfortunate luck of having to give it a hard reset. That means everything is gone; my contacts, my notes, my websites, and most importantly, my pictures. Therefore, this piece will be a bit low on images; I made the jam the week before last, and lost all of my pictures a couple days after making it.


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Jasper Bath Bomb from Waffle’s Wares

“We are the crystal…baths?!” Fangirls, the other day I had the immense pleasure of sitting down to soak in a bath bomb that I have had for quite some time; the Jasper Bath Bomb from easy’s Waffle’s Wares shop. I bought this when I first binge watched Steven Universe, realizing that Jasper is my beautiful & powerful queen, and she’s a bit hard to find merchandise of (hell, up until recently, they all were). When I found bath bombs themed after the show’s main babes, I got super excited and bought the Jasper one.


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