The What’s Underneath Project

maxresdefaultLet me tell all you Fangirls about a webseries that I’ve recently become pretty obsessed with. The child of the YouTube channel StyleLikeU, the What’s Underneath Project is both all about style and not at all about style. It is the most beautiful contradiction.

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Let’s Talk About: Experiences with High School Sex Education

It has seemed to me that good high school sex education is damn near impossible to come by. I’ve talked before about the lack of solid curriculum presented in the US, but I wanted to see if it really was as bad as it appears to be. So, I rallied some great people together and had them spill the beans about the ways of their high school health classes. Unfortunately, I was entirely correct in thinking there’s gaps when it comes to educating on sex & sexuality.

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Feminerd: On Awesome Fangirls & Awful Comic Shops

If you follow us on Twitter, you probably know that last night we were at the incredible Fangirls Night Out at Earthworld Comics in Albany. It’s always a delight of friendly ladies, enlightening nerd talk, and inevitable Fangirling. Upon reflecting on the night on the way home, I was reminded of all of the terrible experiences I had before we started going to the amicable wonderland of Earthworld.

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Vs. by Joe Infurnari and Alexis Stottile

photo 4 (5)

“The Reason New York City Never Sleeps? It’s Next Door Neighbors Are Monsters and Creeps!” That’s the full title of this book, Fangirls, and I had the pleasure of picking it up a few months ago at Small Press Expo from none other than Joe Infurnari himself. Being a huge fan of his series Bunker, I was a bit starstruck seeing him tabling there. However, I calmed a great deal after a delightful chat with him and a talk about this book. After hearing bits of its stories, I had to get it and read through the whole thing. Fantastic rhymes mixed with Infurnari’s brilliant illustration mixed with ridiculous stories about New York? I think my dreams just came true.

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