Lucky You by Carl Hiaasen

I first started reading Carl Hiaasen quite young. He wrote Hoot, which was turned into a movie, and I read that, along with Flush, when I was about 10. A couple years later, I started on his adult novels. My aunt was a collector of books, and a large fan of Hiaasen, so I could peruse and borrow from her library as I pleased. Now, Hiaasen’s books are comfort food for my brain.

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Orange is the New Black Season 3 Part 1

Orange-is-the-New-Black-Season-3-PosterBoy, oh, boy, Fangirls. I, like many crazed fans, have been waiting for what feels like an eternity for OITNB’s third season to grace Netflix. Our time has finally come. And it’s been worth the wait. Though I have already finished this season, I figured I would break it up into two halves so that we don’t get too worked up. This season certainly takes the crown for stirring up all things hot & bothered.

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Rocket Girl #6

RG06Cover_edit_logoI didn’t think this day would ever come, Fangirls. The last time we talked about Rocket Girl was last May, and I’ve been counting down the days until it’s return. A short hiatus turned into a real long one, and my meaning in life began to be in question. However, I now stand here, within your computer, to happily recap the official return of the most beloved Rocket Girl. It’s okay, I’m tearing up a bit too.

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Ms. Marvel #12

4388113-msmarv2014012_dc11-0Well, well, Fangirls. Now that things with the Inventor have settled down, it’s time to head into a new story arc for our beloved Ms. Marvel. With a new illustrator, this series heads into a slightly new story, still bearing themes of all the intensity of issues past. The ghosts of the Inventor are still lurking about, and you won’t believe who they’ve got on the case.

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The Fade Out #2

thefadeout_2I’m in love with this new Brubaker / Phillips series, Fangirls. Of course, not that I expected to feel any other way. However, I’ve already read the released issues twice through already, and wait for each new one like a junkie. What can I say? These fellows know how to make a mean comic book. All this noir murder mystery stuff gets me all hot & bothered.

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Elektra #10

4331281-elektra2014010_dc11-0The last few issues of this series have been building quite a bit, Fangirls, and have been just as intense on their own, too. However, now, things are seriously getting real. Issue #10 is delivering us some real climactic moments, all of which will finally conclude next issue. This issue really is the final build up, and I’m feeling the tension.

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