Fangirls, I need to take a break. Things are difficult and frustrating and my anxiety is disgustingly high. I have a lot of trouble managing stress and depression, and everything is so overwhelming right now. After tomorrow (Saturday July 16th), I will be taking a week-long break to concentrate on preparing things for moving and life. I’m trying to juggle too much right now, and though a week definitely isn’t enough, it’s as much of a break I can really take without falling too far behind in everything. I feel incredibly guilty about taking just the week, but I need to make myself safe and as comfortable as possible. I’m hoping things will be easier for me. I appreciate you’re understanding, and hope that you’ll continue to support Fangirls Are We. I will be back on July 24th.

Weight Loss

Fangirls, I’ve struggled with my weight for years. I’ve had body confidence issues since late elementary school; I remember having a girl in my class tell me that I was a fat, four-eyed freakĀ in fourth grade. I was less chubby in middle school, because I got into field hockey, and was busy often. In high school, I put some weight back on again, but my heaviest wasn’t until this past December.

The image on the left is from October 2015, and the right is from April 2016, about 13lbs down.

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On Young Adulthood

Fangirls, in a little less than month I’ll be turning twenty. I’ve always enjoyed getting older, it doesn’t bother me much. But surely, leaving behind my “teenager” label is quite an odd feeling. It puts a lot of emphasis on the place I’m at in my life as a young adult. It’s a weird, confusing, exciting and difficult place to be at. It’s both liberating, and very overwhelming.

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