Tokyo Kawaii Club Subscription Box

Friends and Fangirls, we know that I have an addiction to Disney. I spend too much money in the parks, on the app, and even on excursions to Disney. One place that’s far off from being an option is visiting the Disney Parks that are overseas. But they still have incredible merchandise, so I have to get my hands on it somehow! So I found out about Tokyo Kawaii Club, and signed up for a trial month box. It came in last week, and I loved it!

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Singles Swag Box: April 2017

I have mixed feelings about the marketing behind this box. On one hand, I’m not single and I need reminders to love myself. But on the other hand, do folks who are single need more of a reminder to love themselves? If that was the case, should this be free? Either way, it’s been a minute since I got myself a subscription box and I definitely love myself, so I treated myself and ordered the Singles Swag box.

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Julep January Box

This box seemed to come even earlier than the others, which surprised me. It had 2 nail polishes in it, along with a moisturizer. I was pretty excited about the grey nail polish, but the iridescent green didn’t do anything for me…once I found out that it was sheer. I also was not about the moisturizer at first, but that changed pretty quickly.


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FabFitFun’s Editor’s Box

Fangirls, I am in love with subscription boxes. It’s a dangerous obsession, but I’m not too concerned; I can totally stop whenever I want to, I just don’t want to right now. One that I had been lusting over for quite some time was the FbFitFun box. I wanted it, but it’s a rather expensive subscription, even though it’s only 4 times a year. But a couple things worked out; I wanted a scarf that was in it (and the scarf alone is about $35), and I got a coupon code that reduced the price pretty significantly. So I sat myself down and justified the heck out of this box.


I am so glad I tried this out. I was not expecting it to be as full as it was, but as you can see, it’s packed! There were so many things in there, and I was so anxious to try them all out. But I did something I usually don’t do first; I found the booklet that tells you how much the items in the box are worth and needed to sit the heck down because I spend around $50 on this box valued at about $260. That’s so much money for these things, and they’re all worth it!

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Julep Beauty Maven Box

Hey Fangirls! Once agin I’ve received a lovely little box from Julep, and I loved this one a million times more than the first! It felt more suited to me…because it was! When you’re signing up for Julep, they have you take a little beauty test, and that way they learn a bit about what you like! mine determined that I love deep and classic colors for lip and nails (something I probably have too much of already), and boy did they deliver!


In my December box, I got two absolutely gorgeous nail colors, and a lip mousse that I did not expect to like. I was blown away by how wrong I was about that! Plus they sent along a little candy stick to keep my holidays sweet.

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Julep November Box

Fangirls, I really like subscription boxes. I try not to get them though, because I have a lot of products. But when I saw that Julep was doing a free November box, I couldn’t resist. As a birthday present to myself, I paid the $2.50 or so in shipping, and had one sent to the apartment. It got to us right on my birthday, and it had three rad products in it.


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