Once Upon a Book Club: The Dark Descent Of Elizabeth Frankenstein by Kiersten White

Friends and Fangirls, YA is the best thing in the planet. Young adult books are truly a miracle, especially when they are a part of subscription boxes. I both bought and received Elizabeth Frankenstein from a subscription box, gave away one copy, and fell in love with the other. 

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Singles Swag Box: April 2017

I have mixed feelings about the marketing behind this box. On one hand, I’m not single and I need reminders to love myself. But on the other hand, do folks who are single need more of a reminder to love themselves? If that was the case, should this be free? Either way, it’s been a minute since I got myself a subscription box and I definitely love myself, so I treated myself and ordered the Singles Swag box.

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Blue Apron Review & Recipe

For ages now, I’ve been curious about Blue Apron. They sent me ads through email and mail, and I finally took the plunge, and with a pretty good deal (around $35 for a service that costs about $60 on average). I was excited about a couple things right from the start; you get to tell them you’re vegetarian and pick out your three recipes, awesome. So when I went onto my laptop to edit my preferences (their mobile site is finicky to say the least), I learned that as a vegetarian, I had to have a mushroom dish in my box. I don’t like mushrooms, unless they are well hidden, but I ended up with my only option being a mixed mushroom situation. With that, I was excited for 2 of my 3 meals that I would be getting.

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Julep November Box

Fangirls, I really like subscription boxes. I try not to get them though, because I have a lot of products. But when I saw that Julep was doing a free November box, I couldn’t resist. As a birthday present to myself, I paid the $2.50 or so in shipping, and had one sent to the apartment. It got to us right on my birthday, and it had three rad products in it.


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