Music: Gallant // Weight in Gold

TS70mEwZI  had an entirely different plan for this article, Fangirls. Then a few hours before I wrote this, I heard this artist for the first time. Everything else was on hold, I had to talk about this, because after only minutes of listening and I was obsessed. I had never heard of Gallant before, or his song, when it was mentioned briefly in a video I was watching, I immediately hunted it down. Something told me it was going to be good. To my delight, I discovered a song, and an artist, that is killing itRead More »

Watch: Parenthood (parenthood)I’m deep in a new show obsession, Fangirls. I’ve seen a bit of episode of Parenthood here or there, but never sat down to see what it was like. It seemed good enough. Boy, is it way more than just “good enough”. I started it on Friday, and am now waiting to watch the last episode of season one after I finish this article. This show is a damn masterpiece.

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Album: The Voyager by Jenny Lewis


I present to you my latest obsession, Fangirls. It’s been quite a few months since it was released, but I’ve revisited the fantastic new album from Jenny Lewis for second round of fascination. People who have admired Jenny Lewis may have been waiting for this album since her last release in 2008. Others may just be getting on board. But no matter who is listening to it, this album sounds fucking incredible.

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Music: FKA twigs

2014 Pitchfork Music Festival - Day 2

I know I probably say this more often than not, Fangirls, but it’s been a long time since I’ve fallen this hard for a musician’s sound. I’m completely obsessed, enthralled, consumed by this woman’s music. I’ve been looping her album for days. FKA twigs has brought something completely unique and stimulating to the table, and I think I’m addicted.

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