Skin Firming & Toning Gel Cream by Nivea

Fangirls, I have a lot of self confidence issues. I have issues with my thighs a lot, especially. I know that thick thighs save lives and what not, but I don’t always feel that way. I walk and run often, and I eat quite well. But working out and eating well haven’t been destroying the cellulite in my thighs, and it’s really bumming me out. So I went back to a product that I used awhile back, in hopes that it would do the trick once more.


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Nerds Gotta Drink: Colors of the Wind

“You think you own whatever bar you land in. The stool is just some dead thing you can claim! But I know every rum, and gin, and vodka gives you life, is a spirit, has a name.” Fangirls, this week we’re taking it back to the Disney renaissance, with Pocahontas. Pocahontas sings about punting with all of the colors of the wind, but here we’re going to drink the colors of the wind (mostly reds and blues, but it’s good stuff).


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Playlist: Summer 2015

summer2015It has been nearly a year since I shared one of my current favorites playlists, Fangirls. It’s about time that changed. This summer has brought me buckets of fantastic tunes that have been playing nonstop in my car & around the house. So, I’ve reflected upon the last few months of music and what I’ve been enjoying the most, and put together a dozen of the highlights. Read More »

Hectic Fangirling

Fangirls, I’ve been hella busy lately, so there’s no video for today.  I’ve been all over the place this summer, and I haven’t really talked much about it here, just on my personal twitter.  I am definitely having a blast, but I feel like I owe you all some explanation to what’s going on in my life, because you all really deserve it.  So let me tell you how things have been so far.

Try and find me, I dare you.

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Nerds Gotta Drink: Wonder Woman Lemonade

Fangirls, we all want to feel like Wonder Woman, right?  Powerful, confident, and dangerous (not to mention beautiful) are all appealing attributes that she embodies daily.  But often, those of us who are not from Themyscara deal with things like anxiety and stress.  Wonder Woman isn’t immune to those things, but she sure seems to do a great job not showing her stress or anxiety, if ever she gets it.  Like Wonder Woman, I want to be stressed and anxious less.  My mother is well aware of this, and has found me a tasty recipe for lemonade that’ll make me feel like I can conquer any task, much like Wonder Woman.


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Music: Leon Bridges

Leon BridgesBoy, have I found something good, Fangirls. I have a real passion for good soul music, but it seems to have had it’s era, which has come and gone. However, that’s no longer the case. Leon Bridges has arrived to grace our ears with a vintage sound so classic & true it’s hard to believe this album was just released this week. Read More »