Music: Strange Trails // Lord Huron

1234lordhuronWe’ve talked before about the intoxicatingly good music of Lord Huron, but now after the release of another album, I’m back for more. It’s impossible for my to not touch upon this group of songs, Fangirls, it’s some of their best work yet. If you missed the boat the first time, now is your chance to experience this stuff.

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Fangirl Fashions: Summer Lookbook

Summer time is a great time to play with your style. We are from Upstate New York so when summer comes we are itching to get out of the house and show off our coatless duds. Now is the time to come out from under our covers and show our true fashion senses. We thought that we should show a little lookbook with a couple of options for the summer time. Below are two looks that show off Emily’s and my own respective styles for the summer time.


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Music: “I Know It’s a Good Thing” // Shamir

shamir_i-d_03Since summer seemed to come out of nowhere in upstate New York, I’ve been on the prowl for some new, essential summer tunes. Deep in a search with no luck, I recalled a song that was briefly on a playlist in my workplace. It was such a good groove, and I would wait for it to come on everyday so I could dance my work woes away. Luckily, I quickly found the song and have been shaking away any memory of winter blues since.

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DIY: Thrift Store Crop Top

image_7One of my favorite things to do, and ways to save money, is to shop for styles I love online or in the mall, then search for similar looks at the thrift store. You might not find exactly what you’re looking for, but you can certainly find something close, and alter it to be a custom piece of your dreams. This weekend, $10 and 20 minutes turned into two new killer crop tops.

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Music: Kiesza


Holy cow, Fangirls. I get pretty picky about the more electronic or dance music that I like, but with Kiesza, I needed no convincing. This is one bad ass & incredible talent of a woman. Kiesza was classically trained in ballet, a trained code breaker in the Royal Canadian Army, and competed in the Miss Universe Canada pageant before she stumbled into brilliantly making music that makes us all dance like fools. This chick can do it all, but she especially makes incredible jams.

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