Ex-Heroes by Peter Clines

Fangirls, I’d like to start this off by saying that I did not have high expectations for this book. I threw it onto my stack of books to buy at Barnes and Noble because I had a gift card, and thought “what the heck, why not?” That doesn’t mean this book is bad, it just isn’t the book for me.

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Heroes Rewatch: Genesis

Fangirls, back at the superbowl, I was not watching. I was as uninterested in the commercials as I was in the game. Until Facebook notified me that a new trailer was released for a new show coming to NBC called Heroes Reborn (that trailer is here). And suddenly my disinterest dissolved and I watched the trailer about five times in that one night. I was so excited. I had been a huge fan of the original series; even after many fans began to lose interest, I was still there every week to know what happened. And with this new series, I decided I needed to rewatch the original series. So here we go with the first episode.

Note: none of these Heroes posts will be spoiler free.



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Spiderwoman #6

STK667729It’s been a bit since we’ve checked in with the new super chick kicking butt and taking names, Fangirls. When we last left Spiderwoman, she was getting really involved in a mysterious case of disappearances and terrible villain names. There was fishiness all around it. I had to dive back into this series to see what the heck was going to happen.

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Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 is a phenomenal movie that came out this past Friday.  It is the first full length animated Disney / Pixar / Marvel team up, and it’s based off of a comic.


From what I’ve heard, the comic isn’t all that great (racist and not very female friendly), but the movie is just lovely.  Be wary, ahead there are some spoilers.

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