Lush’s Little Dragon Reusable Bubble Bar

I don’t tend to go for the fancy, shaped bubble bars. I usually think that I get the best bubbles (and baths in general) from the simple ones like The Comforter and Brightside. But the other day I took a lovely soak using the Little Dragon reusable bubble bar, and I was astounded.

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Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb

I feel a bit like an outcast because I have only just used the Luxury Lush Pud so recently. This bath bomb is a lush staple, and I brought 1 home from the Creative Showcase, and never used it. But I finally got around to it, and knew I would enjoy it because I already loved the scent.

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Fangirls, I’ve been lusting after Candelles Candles for quite some time now. I have followed their Instagram for 2 years, I think, and every time I’ve gone to make a purchase I’ve either shot myself down because of money or because of my disgustingly large candle collection. But recently, I decided that I should just go for it, and I ordered 2 from the Spring line. I wish I hadn’t used them so intensely in succession, but it was well worth it!

These are the folks responsible for Candelles!

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Lush Bohemian Soap Sample

I know that I rant and rave about my love for Lush on a pretty and regular basis, so you should be used to this by now, but I keep being surprised by their products. One of the things that found it’s way into my bag a couple months ago was a sample of their Bohemian soap. To me, that sounds like it will be full of patchouli (which isn’t my favorite scent), so I brought it as a back-up soap on a trip where I knew there would be other soaps available to me.


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Nerds Gotta Eat: Pumpkin Whipped Cream

Alright Fangirls, I’ve got to be honest with you; this originally wasn’t going to be about whipped cream. At first, I read a recipe about peanut butter mousse that was super simple, and though to myself, hey, let’s make this all about Halloween, and just do pumpkin but guess what. Pumpkin doesn’t turn into mouse as easily as I hoped. But I had the ingredients to make whipped cream, and also waffles, so I did that!


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Nerds Gotta Eat: Fancy Grilled Cheese

Fangirls, this recipe is from the same book as my Waffles, but when I saw it, I immediately thought, wow, that’s the fanciest grilled cheese I’ve ever seen. I’m gunna make it, and so I did! it looks like some Grade A artisanal nonsense, but it is the most delicious grilled cheese I have ever made, and well worth the weird looks for combining ingredients that don’t look like they belong together.


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