Working Nerdery

I wear a lot of nerd stuff, all the time. But because I’m someone with a 9-5 office job, I can’t always wear whatever I want; I have to dress it up a bit. So, two weeks ago I decided to wear something nerdy to work every day, and see if it made anything weird. Guess what Fangirls? It didn’t. We live in an age where nerdy clothing is accessible and common enough that we can wear it to the workplace! Here are some of the ways I dressed up my nerd wear.

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Foolish Mortal Supply Co. & Work Week Fashion

I’m not going to lie to you friends; it’s been so long since I’ve written about clothes that I feel a bit silly right now. But I also feel like I got one of the coolest shirts on the planet the other day, so we’re pushing through!

Why yes, my face IS blurred because it’s goofy and weird.

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T-Shirt Bag: Reuse It!

Hey Fangirls! Remember how I was talking about how important it is to recycle the other day?  I mentioned how to make a t-shirt bag, and my mum helped me through it.  I used a t-shirt from my major at school, and it went really well!

IMG_2074This is what I started with, just a regular t-shirt.  I picked one that’s too big for me because I really like big bags.  Plus it’s advertising for the coolest major ever.

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