The Flash Premiere!

flash01_090414_1600So, last night The CW’s new series based on our favorite super speedy hero aired, and let me tell you, I thought it was fantastic. The CW show based on the Green Arrow, to me, is a bit boring. Maybe it’s because I don’t really read the Green Arrow; I’m not sure. But, The Flash has always been a bit of a favorite of mine for whatever reason.

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Things Everyone Should Be Excited for This Fall!

tumblr_static_superwholock-natalie_singer-33295976-1280-960With the onset of Fall comes a great many things I love. Warm sweaters, the changing leaves, pumpkin spice flavored everything, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and oh yeah, Fall Programming! This Fall will mark the quiet murder of any free time I had between classes. There are so many things coming up!

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