Super Art Fight at the Ottobar

Fangirls, last weekend was fantastic.  I got to see Dita Von Teese in New York City, then I went down to Maryland to see Super Art Fight at the Ottobar.


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ConnectiCon 2014

In case you couldn’t tell from the amount we’ve been tweeting, writing, and instagraming about it, ConnectiCon was this past weekend.  This year we all split up more, and ended up condensing our articles, so we don’t ruminate for two weeks again (twitter is another story). So now it’s my turn.


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Super Art Fight: An Interview with the Greatest Live Art Competition in the Known Universe

Do I really have to introduce this?  The title says it all.  Super Art Fight is this rad performance where artists literally fight across the canvas.  The winner is decided by the noise making of the audience members.  It’s ridiculously fun to watch, and this weekend they’re gearing up for Super Art Fight 100.  If you haven’t seen the tweets (what have you been doing, get on it), it’s going to be big.


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