The Walking Dead: “After”

the-walking-dead-afterIt’s back from the dead! The Walking Dead returned last night from it’s mid-season break and boy did they take this chance to really stoke the flames of anxiety. At the end of last season, the Governor attacked, killed Herschel, and got himself killed in the push for revenge against Rick. Everyone is scattered. The prison is gone, and everyone bolted in different directions in the confusion.

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The Walking Dead: Double Tap Recap

So, firstly I’d like to apologize for dropping the ball on recapping last week, especially since the episode was so intense. Real life hit hard last Monday when I had to register for classes for the Spring Semester on top of a pile of homework and classes all day. HershelKillAnyway, like I said, last week’s episode was so crazy! You know how there is usually 1 big event that stands out for the whole episode? There was 3.Read More »