Lush’s Rump Rub

I had my eye on this product for a little bit now, and was excited to try it. But since I can’t smell through my computer screen, I don’t like to order new items online. I waited until I had time to go to the mall and smell Rump in person before grabbing a tub for myself.

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How To: Body Butter

Over the last few months, I’ve tried to get pretty crafty. Some things have turned out well, some not so much. However, one thing that I went into as a total newbie turned out great. I’m not much into lotion, I don’t use it unless necessary, but a whole lot of other people are. Which is why I took to learning how to make body butter. Its perfect homemade gift for all sorts of people, which is what makes it a great skill to have. The best part, it’s incredibly easy.

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