Catwoman Issues 20 – 21

I love Catwoman. Like really. She’s a babe who knows how to kick ass, dresses well, and has expensive tastes. Hot damn. I was reading an issue the other day and exclaimed “WHOAH WHOAH WHOAH Catwoman, WHATTA BABE.” Natalie reminds me of this often. She’s intense and great and I love her. All that being said, today’s overview doesn’t only focus on Catwoman issues 20 and 21, but also Catwoman Annual 1. So let’s get going.


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Thief: Review

Thief_Launch_TrailerSo, because Supernatural has taken yet another random break, I thought I’d talk about “Thief” today! As I understand it, there was an older version of this game, and a lot of the fans of the original did not enjoy this new one. I admittedly had never even heard of the game’s predecessors before seeing some trailers for this one. I haven’t even comeclose to finishing the game yet, but I really love it.

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