Avengers Infinity War


It happened. Ten years of building up to the biggest showdown in the universe and it’s finally here. Avengers Infinity War opened on Thursday night, and you can bet very easily that I was there for the earliest showing possible. I sat there, two and a half hours of movie, and I spent those two and a half hours going through a roller coaster of beauty.

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A-Force #5

So Fangirls, the A-Force team is on the job to make sure that other creatures like AntiMatter don’t threaten the world. This issue, we find them in Oregon tracking one such creature.

a-force 24

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The Mighty Thor #2

When last we saw Thor aka Jane Foster, she was battling several things at once. As Jane, she is battling cancer and the chemotherapy treatments while also serving as a member of the World Council, who fear Odin as he locks his wife in jail and searches endlessly for this new Thor. As Thor, she faces off against Malekith, who is forming his own council of villains. Oh, and did I mention that this villains council is considering allowing Loki in? Because they are.

mighty thor 6

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Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps Issue 3

Fangirls, this stuff is too good. Last issue, Helen took her ship out too soon, and it blew up. Luckily, Captain Marvel has the quickest response time ever, and started this issue by saving her butt. She got in and grabbed Helen before she suffered too much more than a broken arm. But now, the entire base knows something’s up, and it’s unlikely that they’re going to let that slide.


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