Feminerd: Not Needing A Man

A very common theme with movies, video games, and stories, is a woman needing a man. It seems that if there is a female lead, her whole storyline. That being said, there are some fantastic exceptions to that trope.


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Music: Disney Essentials Playlist


So Fangirls, this past December, my niece was born. She’s totally awesome and the cutest fucking thing in the world. But, being just four months old, she can’t walk, talk, or more importantly, know anything about Disney. That’s where Emily & I are here to help. We’ve compiled what we think are the best songs (and some favorites, too)  from Disney musicals as an introduction for the little one.

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(Dis)Nerds Gotta Eat: Princess Tiana’s Vegetarian Swamp Gumbo

Hey hungry Disnerds!  We’ve decided that instead of just doing boring regular recipes, they’re actually going to based off of the great things that our Fandoms revolve around.  For example, this week I made some Gumbo, like Tiana does in Princess and the Frog.  Her mother gives her her dead father’s gumbo pot so she can start her own restaurant.  But before she gets the chance, she turns into a frog, and is on quite the adventure.  Late at night, she, Naveen (as a frog), and Louis, the gator sit down for some swamp gumbo.  I didn’t have a pumpkin to cook it in, but I think it still turned out pretty tasty!

photo 5

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Fortress Friday #13

So I’ve got more pictures from Jenn’s house.

IMG_2334I think the biggest thing that surprises me is that she is such a huge Fangirl in so many areas.  She has a ton of toys, from all different things.

IMG_2335These ladies are from Monster High, a ghoul school movie and toy set that is really popular since before Christmas this past year.  Jenn has almost all of them, from multiple different series’.

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