The Time Museum by Matthew Loux

I grabbed this graphic novel from my local library just ‘cuz the other day, and I’m so glad I did. First Second has easily become a publishing favorite; they release such incredible titles for all ages. The Time Museum is a middle grade graphic novel, clocking in at about 250 pages. But let’s get into the plot!

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Cleopatra In Space Book Two: The Thief and The Sword

Mike Maihack has done it again, fangirls. The first Cleopatra book introduced us to this lovely lady who was thrown forward in time to become the savior of the galaxy. We read as she recovered an ancient artifact, made friends, and even started future space school. But this one gets a fair bit scarier, and it looks like book three is about to lay some serious business in us. But first, The Thief and The Sword. 


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The Flash: “Tricksters”

The-Flash-Trickster-1Woah, this episode let us look into Harrison Wells’ past something fierce and it was not at all what I was expecting! It also had the legend, Mark Hamill as the original Trickster and he was brilliant! Come to find out, this was actually a reprisal and he had played the original Trickster in the 1990’s Flash television series. They even used stills from his stint as the Trickster for old crime photos of the Trickster in this episode! His role felt vaguely like his Joker character because he used the same voice for it, but mixed in just enough Hannibal Lector to make it a real treat. This was along with his many pop culture references, my favorite being “It’s my Mona Lisa! My Breaking Bad Season 5!!”Read More »