Music: Disney Essentials Playlist


So Fangirls, this past December, my niece was born. She’s totally awesome and the cutest fucking thing in the world. But, being just four months old, she can’t walk, talk, or more importantly, know anything about Disney. That’s where Emily & I are here to help. We’ve compiled what we think are the best songs (and some favorites, too) ¬†from Disney musicals as an introduction for the little one.

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Music Review: Radical Face


Fangirls! When browsing around for a new band to listen to, this crazy thing happened where I actually really liked the first band I came across. I typically search around for a bit, until something really strikes me. The music of Radical Face got me right on the first try. Their music is an unlikely appreciation for me, a quieter more acoustic sound, but that’s what makes them a certainly exciting find.

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