A Holiday Wish List from Someone Who Doesn’t Really Like the Holidays

True confessions: I am not a Christmas person. Nope, Halloween is my holiday! It’s not that I don’t enjoy ‘the most wonderful time of the year’, there are genuinely some aspects of the holiday season that I love: homemade butter cookies we make with my Great Grandma’s antique cookie press, hot chocolate in front of a fire, decorating a big bushy pine tree, hanging out with my siblings… Making my dog wear adorable sweaters! (Cute dog+cute sweater is like my kryptonite!) But when they start putting Christmas items in stores before October has even begun and airing commercials for Christmas sales it kinda makes me wish I was a necromancer or mad evil scientist so I could unleash the zombie apocalypse the day after Thanksgiving on all the insane ‘Black Friday’ shoppers. I despise how commercial Christmas is, and hordes of holiday shoppers are practically zombies already… Yes, I know, it’s practically Grinchy! (Maybe if I put Santa hats on all the zombies?) If it was left up to me, I’d totally skip the nightmare of holiday shopping and I’d stay home enjoying a big cup of tequila spiked hot cocoa (add a pinch of cayenne for an adult version of Mexican hot chocolate!) and binge watch every Christmas horror movie ever made, starting with that perennial favorite, “Silent Night, Deadly Night.”

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Batgirl Volume Two: Knightfall Descends

Alright Fangirls, I’ve gotta tell you, Batgirl is not doing it for me. I prefer the sass and authority of other female characters. I really understand that she’s going through rough stuff; it’s hard to get back on the horse when you’ve been put in a wheel chair from it. But I’m not her biggest fan, and that kind of bums me out. We’ll see where the issues after this trade get me.


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Catwoman Volume One: The Game

Hello Fangirls! I cannot find the 20th issue of Suicide Squad anywhere, so while I look for it (and order it), we’ll be changing gears a bit. Instead of just following the lovely Ms. Quinn, we’ll be spending Monday mornings admiring many different powerful and awesome female characters. So today we’ll go back to the beginning of the New 52 with the first trade paperback of Catwoman, by Judd Winick and Guillem March.


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