Appdicted: Fitbit (again)

Alright Fangirls, I know what you’re thinking; But Emily! You wrote about this two weeks ago! You’re right, I did. A couple days after writing that, though, I took a big step and decided it was time to start watching what I ate. I hoped fitbit would help me with this, since it has the food tracking software inside. So, I started counting calories. I put everything into my fitbit that I put into my mouth.


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Appdicted: Clue

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Keeping track of your body and health is pretty darn important, Fangirls. Luckily, for those of us who find it hard to do so or are just a little flaky, there’s the wonder of technology. Clue is an amazing app that I’ve just discovered, that helps you track your period, it’s symptoms, and your fertility and ovulation. It’s useful, well designed, and a brilliant tool for those who deal with the lovely menstrual cycle. Read More »

Appdicted: Up Coffee

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Fangirls! It’s not as often that you find an app that really meets your needs. I’ve been graced with an app that seriously helps me out, and is also profoundly interesting. I am a serious coffee drinker. It’s most definitely is an addicted, one that I adore very much. Caffeine is a big part of my life, and I’ve discovered an app that helps me track my intake through out the day, and how it’s affecting my body.

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