Playlist: Summer 2015

summer2015It has been nearly a year since I shared one of my current favorites playlists, Fangirls. It’s about time that changed. This summer has brought me buckets of fantastic tunes that have been playing nonstop in my car & around the house. So, I’ve reflected upon the last few months of music and what I’ve been enjoying the most, and put together a dozen of the highlights. Read More »


Feminerd: White Feminism

whiteI think it may be an unfortunate testament to my race that I only first heard this term a week ago. However, contrary to how it appears, white feminism isn’t about being white. I’m white, but I’m not going to get defensive, it doesn’t apply to me. I know where I stand. But we’ll address that point later. White feminism is all too familiar to all of us, even if we don’t realize it, and it makes it a lot more difficult for equality to be achieved at any level. Read More »

On Internet Safety

Fangirls, there has been this stigma in my household since I was younger, that the internet is no place to make friends. In the age of AIM and Myspace, I now see that there were some incredible dangers that I narrowly avoided, and I’m glad that I did. There are some I didn’t, and I do wish that I had listened to my parents about that. But now, I feel like I’ve found a rather safe niche of the internet, and am incredibly grateful to the people who have been so supportive of and friendly to me.


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On: Supergirl Series Trailer

1425677969_supergirl-zoomI was going to write about something completely different for this article, Fangirls, but then this happened. And I have so many feelings. I had no idea this trailer was happening yesterday, and honestly, I had no idea this series was happening. Sure, it makes sense with the sudden peak in superhero things hitting the home screens, but does the series itself make sense?

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Let’s Talk About: ONE Condoms

5044338738_e31ffa68b2_bBelieve it or not, there’s more condoms out there than Trojan. Nothing against Trojan, but there are a whole lot more companies making condoms and gear for sexy times. Isn’t one of the whole pleasures of sex all the variety that comes with it? Enter ONE, the coolest, smartest condom company out there. They’ve got variety, knowledge, and coolness. They market & make condoms in all the right ways, so that some people can finally realize they’re a little dumb for not wearing one. Plus, there’s a lot more to their condoms than just making sex safer.

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