Friends and Fangirls, it’s time for an update! In case you haven’t noticed, the site looks a little different. I changed the theme, and have been working to fix up the other aspects of the Fangirls Are We social media. So, without further ado, I’d like to formally invite you to “like” Fangirls Are We all over the Internet! Here’s our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I hope you’re all having a fantastic summer, and I’ll see you on the Internet!


Wonder Women Update

Fangirls! Remember that phenomenal, women-centric book that Sam Maggs has written that we talked about last week, Wonder Women?! Well it’s such a rad book that the brought the release date up two weeks! Wonder Women will now be released on October 4th, that’s one week from today! And if you weren’t excited enough for it, hold on to your hats.


The absolutely incredible Paulina Ganucheau (Zodiac Starforce & Another Castle) and Jen Bartel (Jem & Girl Gang) have been commissioned by the Quirk books crew to create some stunning wallpapers for giveaway with the book! Everyone that pre-orders Wonder Women will be entered to win a framed print, signed by the artist and Sam Maggs!

A little preview of the designs by Jen Bartel & Paulina Ganucheau
A little preview of the designs by Jen Bartel & Paulina Ganucheau

If you haven’t preordered Wonder Women yet, I urge you to. It’s an amazing book; well written, incredibly researched, and perfectly put. It’s endorsed by Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, and is exactly what every woman and girl (and the dudes too) on your holiday shopping list needs.

You can preorder Wonder Women here.
Check out Sam Maggs’ twitter feed here.
See Paulina Ganucheau’s work here.
See Jen Bartel’s work here.

Preorder this book, Fangirls, because it’s so dang good, and you are going to love every minute you spend reading and rereading it!











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On Changes

Fangirls, you’ve probably been noticing a lack of updates from us here at Fangirl Headquarters. I’m working to make sure we’ve got stuff for you, but things are changing. Two of our main writers (Natalie & Kyle) are going back to school, and will be very busy, so they’re leaving.

Though it’s a big bummer to lose these folks, I understand completely; education is so important! So I’m looking to expand the Fangirl Team! I’ve got some amazing writers joining, along with Amanda (who has been killing it as of late). If you’re interested in writing with us, send me an email at fangirlsarewe@gmail.com, and we’ll get you set up!

Basically, I want you all to be in the loop about what’s changing with us. We’re still here, and excited to bring you our thoughts on Fangirling!

Nerds Gotta Eat: Healthy Grubbin’

IMG_4689Over the last few months, I’ve felt a lot more like Killer Croc than Wonder Woman, Fangirls. My weight has never bothered me much, my only concern has always just been eating healthy. Over the last year or so, though, I started to get in the habit of slipping up on my usual healthy ways. So, I’ve overhauled my snack drawer, and filled my fridge with goodies fit for a Amazonian babe. However, it’s certainly not always easy, fast, or cheap to eat healthy. But I’ve hacked my way into a lifestyle of healthy, simple eating. Read More »

On Videos

Hey Fangirls! Today there is no video, and there won’t be one for awhile. Ashley and I have realized that our videos have become more about quantity than quality, and we don’t want to do that to you! So we’re working on a plan to make better videos to go up, but we need time to figure that out. So please be patient with us as we work on improving the Fangirl YouTube page! We’ll still be here for all of your other Fangirling needs, and are very open to new ideas! Put any suggestions or ideas you have in the comments below, or email us at fangirlsarewe@gmail.com.

Feminerd: Five Feminists of China

cartoon-womenOver the last few months I’ve been keeping tabs on a wild ride of feminist discrimination over in China, Fangirls. It doesn’t seem to be getting much attention, and I think that’s just as bad as the event itself. The fight for equality isn’t just here at home, it’s an international problem. Not to be a downer, but when you blow feminism up to a global scale, you realize how much work needs to be done. What has happened in China with these five women is a perfect example of that.

Read More »

DIY: Old Shelf Update

beforeaftershelfSo in my recent room renovation, I found a lot of stuff that had some potential. Now, I didn’t find this shelving unit, but I did clear it of all the childhood books it used to hold. I was just going to throw it away, but when I found some random old wood in my room, some wheels starting turning. I decided to attempt to update the shelf and make it into something more suited for me & my new room. The results were honestly much better than I had anticipated. Read More »