Fangirl Fuel #9!

Fangirls! This month’s video chat has arrived. This episode, we shift focus off of the news of DC & Marvel, and take a good look at Image. I talk new series, loved series, and goodies of the holiday season.

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Fangirl Fuel #8!

Here we are again, Fangirls. Time for me to explode at a camera about everything within my Fangirl heart. And this week, there was a whole lot for me to gush about. DC and Marvel both just put out a number of crazy announcements about movies and comics, and I’m right here to talk to you about them. Because this stuff needs to be talked about, Fangirls.

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Fangirl Fuel #6!

Greetings, Fangirls! Our video chat has returned once again to update you on all things nerdy for the month behind and the month ahead! This month, things seemed a bit light. All the new hubbub of the summer I think is starting to slow down. However, our trip to Boston Comic Con gave us plenty to talk about, as well as the world of Marvel movies, comic variant covers, and saying farewell to a series coming to a close.

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Fangirl Fuel #5!

Fangirls! It feels like a long time since we’ve had an update in the Fangirl world. This month, Marvel takes over a bit. While other comic publishers seem to be in a bit of a lull with announcements and new series, Marvel is on it. With the announcement of new titles, upcoming releases for July & August, and a big movie on the way, Marvel stole the show this month.

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Elektra #2 – #3


Fangirls! While Rocket Girl is on hiatus until September, her spot in our Friday rotation of kick ass ladies will be taken by Elektra and her new Marvel Now Series. As I discussed in my first article about this series, I’ve never read anything about Elektra and really no nothing about her. Thanks to Marvel Now, I’ve been given a perfect place to start. Only three issues in, and this stuff is pretty intense.

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