On: Ancestry

Nora's_ShipSince I was a child, I’ve been trying to pull out as much information about my family as I could from my parents. I’ve always felt a sense of importance about it. When I got to that age when you realize your parents do not know the answer to every question, things slowed down. Until a few months ago, I wasn’t taking in much in the way of new information. Now, it’s coming in waves. Huge, overwhelming, fucking fantastic waves. Read More »


Music: Spotify’s Discover Weekly

IMG_4635So, Fangirls. I was all set to talk about Apple’s new music streaming service, which I was feeling just okay about, and then my beloved Spotify dropped a new feature that grabbed my attention. As I’ve spoken about before, I adore Spotify Premium, their Discover feature, and all that they offer. Then, they really decided to up the ante. A weekly playlist made just for me? Hell yes, pleaseRead More »

Appdicted: Airbnb

airbnb-new-logo-belo-feeldesain6I’ll be honest, I found this app and knew that it was an amazing tool. Though I haven’t really used it for it’s true purpose yet, I adore it. I have more fun on it than what is probably intended for it’s users, but whatever. I’m having a blast. Travel is a wonderful thing, Fangirls, and when you’re much to broke to afford it, you can live vicariously through this app. When you can afford it, it’s a perfect resource. Read More »

Appdicted: Vurb

I accidentally stumbled upon this super, super cool app. It has so many facets, I don’t even know how to describe it. Most of what it does, though, you can tell from its name. Vurb, a unique spelling of verb, indicates an action. This app is all about helping you do stuff. Whether that’s plan an excellent night out, a movie date night, or an all night binge on your favorite videos. Read More »

DIY: Fangirl Scout Shirt

Fangirls! This weekend, while perusing around a few thrift stores in town, I had a vision. Last weekend at Boston Comic Con, I stopped by the table of the lovely Kate Leth. I admire her & her work a whole lot, and picked up a few things at her booth, including a kick ass “Lethbian” patch. I was racking my brain trying to figure out what to put it on. First, I thought I’d make a cool guy jean jacket. Then, an even better thought came to mind. Using this patch and a few others I had around, I was going to make my very own Fangirl scout shirt.

image_5 (2)

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