Let’s Talk About: Boosting Libido

libidoWith all this recent talk of a female Viagra on the horizon, I’ve had lady libido on my mind. You don’t need all that medication to get things going again, Fangirls. You also don’t have to be old man to struggle with keeping your sex drive alive & kicking. There are a lot of things that play into it, and there are a lot of ways to boost your libido back up. Read More »


Let’s Talk About: Ejaculation

ejaculationWe’re not just talking grunting dudes and semen, Fangirls, we’re going to hit all the bases of ejaculation. Yep, there’s more than one. And we, as entire educated people, should know as much about all of them as we do about the average male ejaculation. A girl can dream.

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Let’s Talk About: Exercising Your Vagina

vagerciseIf you recall, a few weeks ago I discussed sex as exercise. It was about the ways sex is great for your body, and can be a great physical work out. Now, there’s a whole other part of “sexercise,” that regards exercise for sex, rather than sex for exercise. It pertains to a lot more things regarding your health, both sexually and generally. Today, we’ll take a look at the many ways to tone up your vagina specifically, it’s many benefits, and how that’s not as weird as it sounds.

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Let’s Talk About: Lubricant

Lube is your friend, Fangirls & boys. I’ve found that a lot of people are afraid of, intimidated, and embarrassed by lube. Which, I can find understandable. However, it doesn’t need to be that way. Luckily, be is becoming more & more popular and less of a taboo sort of sex item. It can be extremely helpful, and it’s proven to lead to more enjoyable sex & masturbation. So, I thought it was time to get the low down on the slippery stuff.

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Let’s Talk About Sex: Male & Female Anatomy

Fangirls! This week, we’re going back to basics. An important, and what should be the first, step in being a sexually positive person is understanding what the heck is going on. Many people are very intimidated by their own genitals, and that’s got to change. There appears to be so much going on, but once you learn what you’re working with, it’s so much easier to keep everything in tip top shape and put it to good use!

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