Nerds Gotta Eat: Veggie Beet Burgers

Fangirls, I love me some serious beets. Beets are a tasty and healthy root vegetable that can be made into all sorts of rad things. I usually just have them from a can, but I wanted to try something new, so I found a recipe for beet burgers, and I fell in love.


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Bob’s Burgers Burger Book by Loren Bouchard & the Writers of Bob’s Burgers

Fangirls, I love cookbooks. I think they’re fabulous, and that may come from growing up in a house where we have never had fewer than ten (some recipes you can not get rid of, and it’s easier to keep their books than to write down your favorites). I have a(n unofficial) Harry Potter cookbook, that I love so much because Harry Potter is one of my favorite things, and cooking is another! Plus the idea of fandom related snacks really speaks to me (obviously). So when the Bob’s Burgers Burger Book was announced last year, I totally lost my mind. I adore Bob’s Burgers, both the show and the comic, so of course I wanted the book!


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Nerds Gotta Eat: Golden West Cafe

Fangirls, I love Maryland. It’s my favorite place to visit for a multitude of reasons; my boy is there, my friends, great comic shops, and most of all, great food. My absolute favorite place to go while in Maryland is a restaurant called Golden West Cafe. Nestled in the far from sleepy Hampden, Golden West is the king of hipster hangouts. It’s a wonderfully warm restaurant, with all sorts of foods for every diet.


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(Dis)Nerds Gotta Eat: Merida’s Vegetarian Haggis

“It’s Just a wee sheep stomach!” Nope, not anymore. Hey Fangirls, this week we’ve got something that I’ve been excited to try since I first saw Brave; a vegetarian dish inspired by Haggis. Haggis is typically a dish made in sheep stomach, but for gals like me, that’s even more unappealing than to your average human. Being vegetarian means finding protein in places other than meat, but I know very few people who don’t experiment with food to find new ways to get their main courses other than frozen fake meat burgers. So I found a recipe online for Vegetarian Haggis, and went for it!


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Nerds Gotta Eat: Mean Girl Bars

Another delicious, gluten free, recipe from Lauren Lopez’s These Treats Don’t Suck! I made these for Fangirl’s Night Out and work a little while back, and they went over wonderfully! I highly recommend them, but be wary of allergies.


To make some Mean Girl Bars, you’ll need:
3/4c roughly chopped nuts (I used walnuts this time)
1/2c creamy peanut butter
1/2c honey
1c gluten free rolled oats
1/3c shredded coconut (I used almonds instead)
1/2tsp cinnamon
1/2tsp salt
1/2c chocolate chips (the recipe doesn’t call for it, but chocolate is great)


Line an 8×8 pan with tin foil, and spray with cooking spray. Toast your rolled oats and coconut/almonds by putting them in a big pan on low heat and stirring them. Be careful, while doing this, because it’s really easy to have the heat just slightly too high, and burn your stuff. So keep it low, in a big pan, and watch it like a hawk! Mix up your other ingredients, then add your toasted stuff.


Press them into your pan, making sure they’re all spread evenly, and put them in the fridge for a couple hours to chill. When I took mine out of the fridge (4 hours later), they were still kind of soft. So I cut them up into individual bars, wrapped them individually in wax paper, and put them in my container. This way, everyone could get their own without getting all goopy on each other’s stuff, making cleanup easier!


I loved these bars. They’re a good texture, quick and easy to make, and absolutely delicious. But since they’re loaded with nuts, they can be a bit dangerous at parties. Make sure that they’re labelled when you bring them places, so people know. Keep everyone safe!











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