Coffin Hill Issue 20

I was very surprised, Fangirls, when I found that there was only one issue of Coffin Hill to review today. I was  expecting at least two, maybe even three. But I found just the one, and upon it’s completion, I realized that this is the final issue of Coffin Hill.


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Coffin Hill Issues 18 – 19

Fangirls, every time I read Coffin Hill, my brain says something along the lines of “ohshitohshitohshit” through the entire comic. It’s intense, scary, and almost overwhelming to read at some points! Now, issue 20 is out already, but I could barely handle the intensity of these two, so I decided against adding the third today, but it’ll be up next time.


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Coffin Hill Issue 17

Things to do: not read Coffin Hill while on a big trip in a new area.

Fangirls, I am pleased as punch to be in California right now, but holy crud is Coffin Hill a frightening book. Obviously a lot has been going on; Emma is possessing people and exacting her revenge, but it just doesn’t seem to stop! Luckily, Eve Coffin is on her case, and is working out a way to take her down.


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Coffin Hill Issue 16

Fangirls, every time I read Coffin Hill, I try to mentally prepare myself for the horrors inside.  Every time it isn’t nearly enough.  Though the comic doesn’t scare me (I feel like turning a page gives you a splash full of spoilers; it’s harder for something to “pop out” at you in a comic), I worry for Eve and her friends a lot, because this stuff is serious.


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