Villain Chat: Scarecrow


Fangirls! Grab your security blankets, things are getting spooky. This week, I thought it was about time to talk about who I find to be one of the scariest villains out there; Scarecrow. In theme with Batman turning 75 this past weekend, I thought it was only right to talk about one of his villains. There’s so many to choose from down in Gotham, but I thought it was only right to with one that actually scares me silly.

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Villain Chat: The Joker’s Daughter (Duela)

So for those of you who are even more out of the loop than I am, September was Villains Month.  DC Comics released issues about villains instead of the monthly comics we’re used to.  One that I was really excited about, was the Joker’s Daughter.  It came out on the last Wednesday of September, with it’s lovely lenticular cover, featuring a tied up Batman and some chick wearing the Joker’s face.


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Hoppy Easter!

Yeah, I know that was lame, but seriously, Happy Easter Fangirls.  This is our first holiday together, so it better be good.

Now, for a really long time, people have dyed eggs to celebrate Easter.  These eggs were taken from the fridge and hidden throughout the house for people to find.  The Easter Bunny takes these eggs and hides them, because rabbits are the symbol of fertility, and children used to think that hares laid eggs in the grass.  I don’t know who was teaching these children that bunnies didn’t have live birth, but whatever.

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