Samurai Jack

Alright Fangirls, this will be brief, but we watched the premier of the new season of Samurai Jack, and I am just so head over heels in love with it, that I’ve got to talk about it.

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Kim & Kim

Fangirls I finally read a book that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately; Kim & Kim. It’s a neat comic from Black Mask. It’s about 2 Kims who bounty hunt. The trouble is, there’s a bit of a bounty on their heads as well, as the boss of the largest crime is the one who put out the bounty.


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Sexcastle by Kyle Starks

Fangirls, this is another lovely comic from the ever lovely Marty Day. At first I was a bit out off by the title; while I do enjoy some solid smut, a castle full of sex seems like a pretty big nope for me. But when I started reading and found out it was (almost) entirely a bloody as heck action comic, I got pumped, and read on.


Be aware: this is a mature comic and images that may not be for everyone follow the break. There is blood and violence, and even a bit of sex. 

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