A Holiday Wish List from Someone Who Doesn’t Really Like the Holidays

True confessions: I am not a Christmas person. Nope, Halloween is my holiday! It’s not that I don’t enjoy ‘the most wonderful time of the year’, there are genuinely some aspects of the holiday season that I love: homemade butter cookies we make with my Great Grandma’s antique cookie press, hot chocolate in front of a fire, decorating a big bushy pine tree, hanging out with my siblings… Making my dog wear adorable sweaters! (Cute dog+cute sweater is like my kryptonite!) But when they start putting Christmas items in stores before October has even begun and airing commercials for Christmas sales it kinda makes me wish I was a necromancer or mad evil scientist so I could unleash the zombie apocalypse the day after Thanksgiving on all the insane ‘Black Friday’ shoppers. I despise how commercial Christmas is, and hordes of holiday shoppers are practically zombies already… Yes, I know, it’s practically Grinchy! (Maybe if I put Santa hats on all the zombies?) If it was left up to me, I’d totally skip the nightmare of holiday shopping and I’d stay home enjoying a big cup of tequila spiked hot cocoa (add a pinch of cayenne for an adult version of Mexican hot chocolate!) and binge watch every Christmas horror movie ever made, starting with that perennial favorite, “Silent Night, Deadly Night.”

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Introducing: Comic Shop Girl!

Hello Fellow Fangirls!

I’m happy to have been asked to write for Fangirls Are We. For now you can call me Comic Book Shop Girl or Comic Shop Girl for short. I work at the local comic shop the girls come into each week. I read a lot of Image books and a lot of strange books as well and I recommend them to people I believe can read. So here is a bit of a background on me. I love art, music, movies, anime/manga, comics and other nerdy wonders. I’m a Whovian and proud! I have seen all the star wars movies and honestly fuck Episode I. That was weak sauce and we all know it, Jar-jar was a racist move even more racist than that awful movie that was called Avatar that wasn’t the Last Air Bender (which wasn’t that great either). Seriously it was like they wanted to confuse small children. So yes I have a strong opinion and I’m not going to change it to appease so what you see is what you get. I have a strange way of doing things. Sometimes I’ll give you a review and a sometimes a top ten list maybe even a top 20. I’d like to cover all sorts of things from issues with the comic industry, to things going on with shows and movies, also what comics I’m reading each week. I will also be writing a review on Tuesdays or better yet a preview of books to come on Wednesday that I think should be highlighted for the week. Some days may even be just a rant about the industry in general but I warn you now…it will be a rant………….and I apologize now for that. I should also explain some of the terms I may use before we go into my reviews. I also apologize for certain terms I will be using, I know some people won’t understand so I will star* certain things and have foot notes.
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The Walking Dead: “Infected”

So, any unforeseen circumstances aside, it seems that Mondays will now be our regular days for The Walking Dead episode recaps!

Walkers - The Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMCSo this episode opens with a mysterious person at the fence with a flashlight and a rat. They are feeding the walkers! This explains entirely why the walkers are gathering in one spot on the fence more than others, and this person is going to have some serious explaining to do when they are eventually found out.

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Tampa Bay Comic Convention… putting the CON in Convention!


I did not have an enjoyable experience at last weekends’ Tampa Bay Comic Convention. It was my first time going, and from what I understand it was significantly larger than it was last year. It was even moved to a much larger venue, from a hotel to the Tampa Bay Convention Center. However, they did not properly utilize the size of the convention center for this particular convention.

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