Team In Training

Yesterday I started a lot of firsts, all in one go. I registered for my first half marathon (dang that’s daunting), which is in Disney World, and is a Team In Training event.

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31 Nights of Horror: Week 4

Guys, we are behind. Like, over 10 movies behind. We didn’t get through a ton this past week because I was sick so I was usually asleep by the time Rob got home, plus we had a busy weekend where we drove up to New York to grab some more of my stuff (like my desk and desktop which I’m finally using again). I’m exhausted but less sick this week, so hopefully we can end (mildly) strong, and get closer to the goal.

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Mickey Bath Bomb from Basin White Brand

“M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E,” the king of all things cute and perfect. Disney, as you know, is my home away from home. I lived and worked there, and I spend 90% of my time thinking of ways to go back. The last time I was in Walt Disney World, I went resort hopping for the first time in my life. We took the monorail to the different main resorts around the Seven Seas Lagoon, and checked out how pretty and expensive they were. At the Grand Floridian, there is a small bath shop called Basin White. It’s a lovely, fresh smelling shop with many different bath bombs, salts, and bubble baths to offer. But I don’t think my eyes have ever gotten as big as they did when I saw a Mickey Mouse bath bomb.


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Nerds Gotta Drink: America’s Lemonade

Fangirls, I miss EPCoT. I miss Walt Disney World, I miss my friends, I miss being elsewhere. Sadly, I don’t know when I’m going to see my home park again, or my Ohana. I have plans for moving out, but who knows. The one thing I am definitely sure of is my love for EPCoT. One of the things I finally got to experience while I was in EPCoT last was drinks around the world. Sadly, I can’t remember them all, but one that I loved above (almost) all others, was the lemonade at the American Pavilion.


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Hectic Fangirling

Fangirls, I’ve been hella busy lately, so there’s no video for today.  I’ve been all over the place this summer, and I haven’t really talked much about it here, just on my personal twitter.  I am definitely having a blast, but I feel like I owe you all some explanation to what’s going on in my life, because you all really deserve it.  So let me tell you how things have been so far.

Try and find me, I dare you.

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